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Where You Should Travel Based On Your Hogwarts House Sorting

Where You Should Travel Based On Your Hogwarts House Sorting

Cast your mind back. Before birth charts became de riguer and we didn’t have everyone’s sun and rising signs memorised, how did we transmit basic identities and let dates know what our core values were? Hogwarts houses. That’s how.

It’s the universal language for people who waited for letters that never came. As we all know, the houses each have their own set of defining traits and values. For example Gryffindor is quintessentially the adventurous house and Ravenclaws are wildly intelligent.


While you might not be sliding through Platform 9¾ on your way to the Great Hall anytime soon, we reckon you can take those Pottermore Sorting Hat results (surely the only official measure) and use them as a guide for the next magical destination you want to hit up.

Slytherins should visit Seoul, South Korea


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Putting aside the aspersions on this house as a “Dark Wizard factory”, Slytherin and its members are ambitious, driven and tenacious. When it comes to work ethic, they did not come to play. For the house that might find it a little hard to relax, we recommend a trip to Seoul.

The South Korean capital has industrialised at breakneck speed, now well outstripping other nations in the technology sectors. Slytherin is, after all, the house that values ambition. These folk will feel right at home with the “work hard, play hard” mentality.

Their discerning tastes for the best things in life will appreciate the design-oriented cafes, high tech galleries like the Leeum Samsung Museum of Art and the glinting shop fronts in the luxury district Gangnam-gu. Slytherins also place importance on tradition, and South Korea’s rich cultural heritage is well preserved in Seoul. After sampling the fermented delights at Seoul’s oldest traditional market, Gwangjang market, a relaxing trip to a bathhouse or indulging in donning a hanbok (traditional Korean dress) will let a Slytherin relax a little.

Hufflepuffs should visit Copenhagen, Denmark

Image: Nick Karvounis / Unsplash

Loyal, tolerant, hardworking, fans of justice – what is not to love about this house? Hufflepuffs are wildly underrated. Hufflepuff can get their hygge on in the city of Copenhagen, in Denmark.

This Nordic city ranks among the world’s happiest, thanks in part due to the high standard of living, bolstered by a robust program of sustainability. Copenhagen is surrounded by beautiful green spaces and water, and filled with sustainably minded hotels, restaurants and electric bikes galore.


Hufflepuff house will appreciate the immense effort put into making spaces as comfortable, inviting and accessible as possible. If you thought Berlin was the spot for amazing vintage or specialty coffee in industrial settings, think again and check out our insider’s guide to Copenhagen’s coolest neighbourhoods.

Did we mention they’re one of the most socially progressive nations as well? Denmark was the first nation to recognise same-sex marriage. Copenhagen is a Hufflepuff city if there ever was one.

Gryffindor should visit Queenstown, New Zealand

Image: Pablo Heimplatz / Unsplash

While some might say that Gryffindor’s reputation as the brave and daring house is actually just a misguided sense of invincibility, this house sure knows how to adventure holiday. Whether your flavour is biking, rafting, sky-diving or bungee, we reckon a trip through New Zealand’s Queenstown is going to satisfy the most hectic of adrenaline junkies.

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As an active and sporty house, we suggest setting the tone with a hike up the incredible Roy’s Peak. It’s a cool five- to six-hour trek, but the views from the summit are like nothing else.

If that wasn’t enough, Gryffindors are welcome to literally yeet themselves at speeds of nearly 100km an hour across a gorge before dropping to the gallery floor. We’re talking about the infamous Nevis Catapult of course, and it’s truly one that’s not for the faint of heart.

Ravenclaw should visit Puebla, Mexico

Image: Diego Grandi / Shutterstock

If you’re from the noble house of Ravenclaw it’s likely that you appreciate intelligence, wisdom and grace. You maybe also stressed yourself out a little too much trying to get that perfect Hogwarts academic track record. Reorient your love of all things scholarly in a more relaxed vibe by visiting Puebla in Mexico, only a couple of hours drive from Mexico City.

The city is home to the oldest library in the Americas, the Biblioteca Palafoxiana. Juan de Palafox y Mendoza, the Bishop of Puebla, established it in 1646 with the provision that anyone who was able to read should be allowed inside the library – it remains open to all to this day.

After soaking in the spirit of knowledge for all, visitors to Puebla can experience the multilayered histories and cultures of Mexico. Bisected by a river, which divided the Spanish and indigenous populations, both Mesoamerican and colonial influences are present in the amazing architecture, food and culture. This is a place that’s constantly drawing on a rich history and evolving – a trait self-educating Ravenclaws will appreciate.


For Hogwarts fans of all houses, keep up to date with the latest things worth getting on your broomstick for with our Harry Potter travel news.

(Lead image, compilation: Portraits from Harry Potter films and Destinations left to right: Copenhagen, Nick Karvounis / Unsplash; Queenstown, Pablo Heimplatz / Unsplash; Pueblo, Diego Grandi / Shutterstock; Soeul, iamlukyeee / Shutterstock)

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