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A Massive Harry Potter Concept Store Is Opening In Melbourne This Week

A Massive Harry Potter Concept Store Is Opening In Melbourne This Week

A Massive Harry Potter Concept Store Is Opening In Melbourne Myer

Ever since I first read Harry Potter, I’ve wanted my own wand. It’s almost like owning a replica of Hermione’s wand (objectively the best wand, prove me wrong) would make up for the fact that I never got my Hogwarts acceptance letter.

As a seven year old, it was all I wanted every birthday and Christmas. Now that I’m an adult, I could simply buy myself one, but there’s something so wrong about ordering a magical wand off the internet. No, to do it properly, I’m convinced you need to walk into a dark and moody shop and let the wand choose you. And Melbourne’s new Harry Potter at Myer concept store looks like the perfect place to do it.

Harry Potter at Myer will be the country’s biggest store dedicated to the Boy Who Lived when it opens this Friday, October 18. It’ll be 500-square-metres filled with official toys, gifts, stationery, costumes, homewares, apparel and, of course, wands.


It’s like Ollivander himself set up this special cabinet collection of wands from your fave Wizarding World characters. There’ll be twenty to choose from (and be chosen by).


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The store is an official collaboration between Warner Bros. and Myer, so the gear here will be top-shelf. That extends to the photo ops, including Australia’s only official Platform 9 3/4 prop.

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The concept store will also have a dedicated ticket booth for Harry Potter & The Cursed Child, and the cast of the mind-blowing production will be at the store’s official launch to perform the hit track ‘Wand Dance’.

“Harry Potter fans of all ages will now have access to the most extensive product ranges, as well as some of the most iconic photo opportunities they would normally need to travel around the world to see and experience,” said Myer’s Chief Customer Officer, Geoff Ikin.

“Working with Warner Bros. Consumer Products on this unique opportunity means we can bring the most sought after and coveted products to our customers.”

(Lead image: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone / Warner Bros.)

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