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3 Amazing Waterfalls You’ve Gotta Chase In Vanuatu

3 Amazing Waterfalls You’ve Gotta Chase In Vanuatu

Vanuatu Guide: 3 Amazing Waterfalls You’ve Gotta Chase In Vanuatu

When TLC released ‘Chasing Waterfalls’ in 1994, we bet they had no idea it’d encourage 25 years of lazy jokes about how waterfalls are actually, in fact, very good. But here we are, with some stellar Vanuatu waterfall recommendations and no shame in suggesting you chase them.

After all, waterfalls have a special kind of magic that hits the sweet spot of every traveller’s interests: unique, hidden, off-the-beaten-track, body of water. The ones in Vanuatu, especially, are as uninterrupted as they come.


Here are some waterfall recommendations to jot down while you plan your next trip to lovely Vanuatu.

#1 Millennium Cave


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The best kinds of waterfalls are the ones you have to work for. Be sure to remember that when you go to Millennium Cave, because there’s a hell of a lot of canyoning, ladder climbing, sweating, swimming, and trekking pitch-black paths by torchlight involved. But the payoff is unreal – you’ll get to explore the heart of a luscious jungle, float through a cave, and wade at the foot of a waterfall: all in a day’s work, really.

Cooler still is the fact that there are waterfalls inside the cave itself, so don’t forget to pack your GoPro or waterproof camera.

The Millennium Cave is on the island of Santo, where you can book a tour through a handful of local operators or the tourism office. Warning: you will brag non-stop about how much of a badass the whole thing made you. Just lean into the thrill of it all.

#2 Mele Cascades


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Mele Cascades are one of Vanuatu’s most popular attractions and we’re hardly scratching our heads as to why. Located on the island of Efate, the cascades are an easy 20-minute drive from Port Vila, making it one of the more easily accessible waterfalls on the island. Plus, with mountainous tiers of gushing water and grottos to swim in, it’s got that whole “how is this place even REAL” vibe.

The most wonderful thing about the Mele Cascades is that it’s not just to gawk at. You can strip off, jump in and bathe gloriously in the grottos, gazing at the jungle canopy above. (Bring reef shoes!)


Nope, not curious about why it’s popular at all. Not one bit.

#3 Nazareth Twin Waterfall

Located on Tanna Island, near Mount Yasur (aka, that incredible volcano we’ve already gushed to you about), Nazareth Twin Waterfall is the kind of natural phenomenon you’re used to seeing in the movies. With the towering wall of water, tropical greenery, and a pristine pool primed for dipping, you’ll feel like a regular DiCaprio girlfriend on holidays. I mean, come on.

It’s kind of in the middle of nowehere, right near the volcanoes, but it doesn’t feel like it. There are well-maintained change rooms so you can take off your sweaty hiking gear in private before jumping in.

Local guesthouses offer guided hikes and, as an added bonus, local groups also regularly perform custom dances and tell stories about the majesty of Nazareth’s beautiful, flowing water.

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