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The World’s Most Instagrammable Pop-Up Has Just Landed In Sydney

The World’s Most Instagrammable Pop-Up Has Just Landed In Sydney

Happy Place Sydney

Sydney is already the world’s most Instagrammable city (sorry, Melbourne, we don’t make the rules), and it just got even more ‘grammable with the addition of what’s been dubbed as ‘the world’s most Instagrammable exhibit’.

The pop-up is called Happy Place and, depending on your opinion of these pop-ups designed to make a splash on social media, it could be your heaven or your hell.


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Happy Place has already had sold-out runs in cities across North America, including Los Angeles, Chicago, Toronto and Las Vegas, and will pop up for a limited time in Broadway Shopping Centre, just a short walk from Sydney’s Central Station.

It offers a collection of colourfully decorated themed rooms for you to stand in front of and take photos and video. It promises to help you ‘find your happy’.

And you absolutely will find it! If your happy is a wall of colourful metallic streamers with confetti flying around, or a room featuring a bright yellow bath tub surrounded by three walls of rubber ducks, a room that makes it appear like you’re upside down, or a room that smells like chocolate chip biscuits.

There will also be a lemonade stand with proceeds to go to the Australian Red Cross, and happy-themed (think, rainbows) food on offer just outside.


The Happy Place exhibit opened on Friday March 6 and will be in place until Sunday May 3, so make sure to head on down and light up your Instagram feed.

(Lead image: Happy Place / Facebook)

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