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Airbnb Has Chosen The Winners They’ll Pay Live In This Beautiful Italian Town For Three Months

Airbnb Has Chosen The Winners They’ll Pay Live In This Beautiful Italian Town For Three Months


Grottole, a beautiful town located in southern Italy has an unusual problem: it doesn’t have enough residents.

Yep, the picturesque town might have a history that dates all the way back to the prehistoric era, not to mention rolling hills and lush, green forests, but its population has been steadily declining for the past few decades: at the moment, only 300 people call the centre of Grottole home.


To fix that surprising decline, Wonder Grottole, a PR company dedicated to spreading the wonders of the township internationally, teamed up with Airbnb to offer four extraordinarily lucky punters the opportunity to spend three months as an honorary Grottole resident. And the news gets even better: Airbnb will actually pay winners to stay in Grottole.


Those winners have now been announced, and Melbourne-based photographer Anne Tachado has been selected for the job. There were 280,000 applications worldwide, and 80,000 of those were in Australia, so Anne’s pretty lucky to be calling Grottole home for three months.

In a statement, Airbnb announced, “Airbnb chose Anne due to her motivation, willingness to commit to the project and readiness to share her skills to serve the local community.”

For three months Anne will be able to explore the town’s deep, ancient caves; learn skills from the local residents, including olive oil and pasta making; pick up some conversational Italian; and generally live it up in a sunny paradise. Follow her travels on Instagram.

She will also have some duties: the four winners will be expected to greet international tourists to Grottole, and generally show them the ropes for a little bit.

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Image: Airbnb

But hey, that seems like a very, very small price to pay (if it’s a price at all?).

Life in Grottole particularly suits anyone looking to take life a little slower; all those looking to escape from all the hustle and bustle of the modern world. The town has zero traffic or pollution, and its residents are distinctly laidback and friendly.

The opportunity was one of a string of similarly amazing jobs that have started to drop over the last few months — who could forget the family that were looking to pay a snapper to follow them around the world?

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(Lead image: Airbnb)

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