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Glowing ‘Field Of Light’ Art Installation Will Illuminate Uluru

Glowing ‘Field Of Light’ Art Installation Will Illuminate Uluru

Striking large-scale art piece ‘Field Of Light’ by British installation artist Bruce Munro will be coming to Ayers Rock Resort next year to illuminate a span of vast Outback near Uluru, following successful runs in the UK, USA and Mexico. And it’s going to be awesome.

The installation will feature over 50,000 slender lights ‘planted’ near Ayers Rock Resort in the red centre of Australia, making our most famous landmark even more Instagrammable than usual.


The thin-stemmed lights are crowned with coloured solar-powered frosted-glass spheres that will ‘bloom’ and illuminate after sunset, mirroring the stars beneath the night sky.

field of light

Bruce Munroe initially conceived the idea for ‘Field of Light’ on a trip to Uluru in 1992, but the piece only came into fruition in 2004 at Munroe’s hometown gallery of London’s Victoria & Albert Museum in south-west England.

‘Field Of Light’ has previously travelled across the UK including Wiltshire, Cornwall, and Bath, to the US in Houston, Pennsylvania and Virginia and has even done a stint in Mexico City.

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field of light3
Field Of Lights in Atlanta Botanical Gardens, Georgia.

The installation will first light up on April 1 2016 and will continue each evening until March 31 the following year. For more information on Bruce Munroe’s work click here.

(Images: Bruce Munroe)

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