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Travel Hack Of The Day: A Backpack With Back Facing Zips

Travel Hack Of The Day: A Backpack With Back Facing Zips

There’s nothing better than having piece of mind while travelling – knowing that you’re safe, happy and on the right track.

Probably one of hardest things to deal with when travelling is the threat of becoming a target for pickpockets, so when we heard of a backpack that actively tries to lower the chance of theft, we were all ears.

Meet the RuitBag – the key component? Back facing zippers.


The RuitBag – pronounced like ‘riot’ – is pretty revolutionary. Instead of dealing with the chance of someone reaching in an open zip on the outside of your backpack, all zips on the RuitBag are back-facing, meaning the only access is from the underside of the backpack – the part that’s firmly fastened to your body.


While the bags are not available for sale just yet – there’s a Kickstarter you can join to get it off the ground – it’s easy to imagine how this bag would fit into your daily routine. They’re great for aeroplane travel too with each RuitBag built to fit a laptop and other travel essentials that you don’t want to put in your checked-in luggage.


The RuitBag will also put an end to “chasing your backpack syndrome”, a totally real thing that we just made up for those times when you’re trying to take something out of your backpack without taking it off and you start twirling around like a dog chasing its own tail. Yeah, you can’t do that anymore – the RuitBag is only accessible when it’s off your back, which is probably better in the long run.

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RuitBag have made it pretty easy to keep all your dearest belongings safe and sound. The only thing you need to worry about now is looking cool when you’ve got it on. We reckon this bunny’s got it down…


(Images: RuitBag)

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