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Hong Kong, China’s, ‘A Symphony Of Lights’ Just Got An Aussie Update

Hong Kong, China’s, ‘A Symphony Of Lights’ Just Got An Aussie Update

'A Symphony of Lights', Hong Kong

Since 2004, the instantly recognisable A Symphony of Lights has lit up Hong Kong, China’s, iconic Victoria Harbour on a nightly basis and, now, it’s been updated for the first time by an Australian designer.

The new show by Aussie Richard Lindsay (who was responsible for similar installations at the 2008 Vancouver Winter Olympics and Beijing Olympic Games) features dynamic lighting effects like search, laser and beam lights streamed from 40 buildings across both sides of the harbour and LED panels displaying images and messages encouraging the audience to participate.


Fittingly, the new and improved show is accompanied by music from the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, which spectators can listen to via a dedicated Symphony of Lights mobile app.

“A Symphony of Lights is a world-renowned and iconic feature of our city’s night sky and the new version of this show will further enhance our reputation as an unmissable destination,” Hong Kong Tourism Board chairman Dr Peter Lam said in a media release.

Hong Kong Pulse Light Show

The launch coincides with the launch of another new multimedia show: a winter version of the popular Hong Kong Pulse Light Show “covers” the city’s Cultural Centre in snow and ice by way of 3D projections, and sees the festive season saved by a colourful indigenous dragon.

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The new 10-minute A Symphony of Lights show runs nightly at Victoria Harbour at 8pm, while the Hong Kong Pulse Light Show will run from December 1 to 28, 2017.

(All images courtesy of the Hong Kong Tourism Board)

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