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Show Your Hard-Working Mates Some Love By Nominating Them For Free Gelato

Show Your Hard-Working Mates Some Love By Nominating Them For Free Gelato

You there, yes you. You deserve some  some sweetness in your stay-at-home life, specifically in the form of gelato. You probably know someone else who deserves it even more, too. Which is why Gelatissimo is getting you in the Easter spirit with their ‘Scoop It Forward’ promo.

Just in time for Easter, they’ll be delivering as many tubs of their limited edition Choc Cross Bun gelato around the country as they can to all the deserving and inspirational nominees as they can.


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Know someone working in healthcare? Or maybe a teacher or childcare worker still turning up every day. Or just anyone else really making a mark in these times of coronavirus. All you have to do is head to their webpage and hit ‘Nominate’ before April 13 to shout out your own hero.

What is this flavour they speak of? Choc Cross Bun gelato is the (on theme) flavour of the month. As the name suggests, it’s chocolate gelato flavoured with traditional hot cross bun spices chucked in, plus layers of real chocolate hot cross buns.

As a fun side note, if you want some gelato for yourself while you’re there, Gelatissimo is also home delivering via Uber Eats, Door Dash and Deliveroo. Very important quarantine content, am I right?

You’ll need dessert after ordering from your fave restaurant and local bars, after all.

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