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KFC Just Released A Popcorn Chicken Sandwich And We’re Not Sure Why

KFC Just Released A Popcorn Chicken Sandwich And We’re Not Sure Why

We’ve had a lot of new menu items coming out of KFC in 2020 — a Zinger Mozerella Burger, KFC Crocs, a KFC Zinger brekkie recipe and we even discovered how to make KFC pies.

All of them have been a good time, but I have no way to describe their latest release other than ‘something your teen self would have thrown together after one too many smokes of the joint’.

Honestly, just read this description and tell me I’m wrong: “Popcorn Chicken, oozing tasty cheese and BBQ sauce all loaded up in six soft dinner rolls”. Like, I’m sorry, but I have no good things to say about this.

Image: Provided / KFC Australia

Regardless, it is 2020 and maybe this is the sort of base level comfort food you crave, and I have zero judgement this year. I mean, according to KFC their trial run for ‘The Slab’ went very well in Ballarat, so maybe it’s I who am wrong. But also, probably not.

“We’re thrilled to announce The Slab is now available on KFC menus across the country, said CMO at KFC Australia, Kristi Woolrych, in a statement.

“In 2019 we trialled The Slab in our Ballarat restaurants, and when our fans heard about it, there were pleas to make it available across the country. We listened to our fans, and it’s now available across all our restaurants for everyone to tuck into and enjoy! Made with our iconic popcorn chicken and soft bread rolls, we’ve no doubt our fans will go crazy for this new creation”.

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This new weird looking, shareable sandwich is available from today until November 2, for $10.95 each. Apparently there’s also a combo deal for one or two people, or in ‘The Slab Feast’ with a selection of Original Recipe, Chicken Tenders and chips on the side.

(Lead Image: Provided / KFC Australia)

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