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Carb Lovers Rejoice, You’ll Be Able To Nab A ‘Lasagne Pie’ Across Australia

Carb Lovers Rejoice, You’ll Be Able To Nab A ‘Lasagne Pie’ Across Australia

I don’ think the Australian obsession with a good pie is going anywhere soon. Although, thankfully, it does keep getting reinvented with new flavours — like the brand new Lasagne Pie.

Banjo’s Bakery Cafe has today released the comfort food hybrid, which is “layers of fresh pasta wedged between juicy beef mince, with tomato, garlic, vegetables and topped with cheese”, all wrapped up in a pastry shell.


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“Our diners are often on-the-go, so it made sense to develop a pasta-filled pocket and Signature Pie flavour that was easy to enjoy on the run at lunch-time, on the side-line of Saturday sport, at your next family picnic and anywhere in between,” said Banjo’s Bakery Café CEO, Jessica Saxby.

The new flavour will be released as part of the Signature Pie one, which already includes the likes of a Bangers and Mash, Chicken Parmigiana, Double Cheeseburger and Tasmanian Scallop Pies.

“For many Australians, food is more than just fuel and we strive to create an emotional response between our products and customers through nostalgia, which is particularly prevalent in our Signature Pie flavours,” said Banjo’s Bakery Café Head of Product Development, Marcel Schnitzer.

You can find Banjo’s in Tasmania, Queensland, Victoria, News South Wales and South Australia. Check the website for locations.

Apparently, it’s a good time in general for pie news — must be the weather — because we also recently got a Young Henry’s brewery and Sonoma creation, the Beer & Beef Pie.

(Lead image: provide by Banjo’s Bakery Cafe)

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