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Watch This Melbourne Genius Send His Robot Out To Fetch Toilet Paper From His Local Coles

Watch This Melbourne Genius Send His Robot Out To Fetch Toilet Paper From His Local Coles

Everyone in Melbourne (who isn’t being a painful “Karen” conspiracy theorist type) is back in lockdown and staying safe by keeping inside and wearing a mask if they need to leave for their essentials, like toilet paper.

Everyone, that is, except one particular genius who worked out how to eliminate human contact altogether, while still avoiding the unfortunate situation of being stuck on the toot without anything to wipe with.

TikTok user skinnybowser (what a name) posted a video of his motorised… car? Truck? Let’s just stick with robot. He pops some money into an empty toilet paper roll with “Pls help” written on it.

Then he sends it off to his local Coles petrol station, watching the whole thing, and I imagine directing the robot, via camera.

Once inside, he rams the robot into the toilet paper stack until the attendant notices, grabs him a roll and swaps it for the money. Honestly the attendant was so chill about the whole thing, this can’t be the first time it’s happened. Also I did NOT know you could just grab a single roll out of the huge packets?

Anyway, happy as Larry (I imagine) with his new roll of TP, the robot heads back on home. Check out the video below.

The whole thing is very reminiscent to me of that time a few years ago when someone flew a drone to Bunnings with a note asking for a sausage sanga.

This one, if you need a memory refresh:

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Except you can’t get a huge fine for violating airspace with a robot that drives on the side walk, so Melbourne TP guy wins.

I think he’s also come up with the perfect solution for everyone getting all up in arms about wearing a mask for some reason, so he’s basically a hero.

(Lead Image: TikTok / skinnybowser)

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