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A Pub Has Barred Entry For The Local Emus Because They’re Sick Of Their Shit

A Pub Has Barred Entry For The Local Emus Because They’re Sick Of Their Shit

Despite what everyone overseas seems to think, it’s not every day that an Aussie pub has the need to specifically ban the native wildlife from pulling up a stool. But that’s exactly the position that a local pub in remote south-west Queensland has found itself in.

Absolutely fed up with the shenanigans of the local emus, The Yaraka Hotel has literally barricaded its entrances to keep them out. They’ve also added a sign, just to make sure the message really sinks in.

Image: Facebook / David Littleproud MP

The emus in questions were hatched and raised in town, in general becoming a tourist delight and local favourite. That was, until they learned how to climb steps and get into the local pub.

“We didn’t really want them becoming patrons in the hotel,” the hotel’s owner, Chris Gimblett, told the ABC. “When they do get in here, they behave a bit badly”.

Which, if we’re being honest, can be said of MOST creatures upon entering a pub and going a little too hard. But I guess human legs aren’t as powerful.

“Their toileting [inside] is not particularly pleasant,” Gimblett continued. “That’s the biggest problem — because they do toilet quite frequently”.

Which can ALSO be said of way too many humans who enter the pub.

Apparently the rowdy emus learned to target tourists in particular, helping themselves to food, drinks and car keys. Besides just making a big old mess in general.

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Posted by The Yaraka Hotel on Sunday, July 26, 2020

So now there are emu-proof rope barrier at all entrances and signs explaining how to get inside if you’re not an emu. Which apparently those big ol’ birds aren’t too happy about.

“They still hang around each gate, hoping that they’ll be able to slip in when someone opens it up,” said Gimblett, “but so far we are winning the war.”

(Lead Image: ABC via Chris Gimblett)

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