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Dreams Really Do Come True: There’s An NYC Bakery Giving Away Oreo Spread For Free

Dreams Really Do Come True: There’s An NYC Bakery Giving Away Oreo Spread For Free

Dominique Ansel Bakery, creators of the ultra-famous Cronut, have bestowed upon us another sweet, beautiful creation. And it’s living proof that someone is actually listening to our hopes and dreams.

Oreos inspire us in lots of different ways. For me, they inspire a night of staying in and accidentally eating a whole sleeve. For renowned pastry chef Dominique Ansel, they inspire him to create outrageous desserts that bring joy and happiness to the people of New York City. So… the same, right?

cookie shot
Photo: Dominique Ansel Bakery

The iconic cookie originally inspired Ansel to invent Milk and Cookie shots in 2014. Now, he’s back at it again by inventing Oreo spread.

Photo: Twitter

That’s right, now you have a spreadable Oreo to put on your toast (*cough* eat from the jar with a spoon *cough*). The spread is part of a collaboration with Ansel and Nabisco — the company that makes Oreos — to promote their #MyOreoCreation competition. The best part? They’re giving it away for free. There’s only a limited number to be given out at the bakery, so you better get in quick. Especially if the cronut lines are anything to go by.

You can try your luck at picking up some free Oreo spread from 8am on July 10 and from 9am on July 11.

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While the spread is a limited-time only creation, we’re hoping that both Dominique Ansel and Nabisco will hear our pleas for worldwide distribution. Beauty like this should be shared far and wide.

(Lead image: Twitter)

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