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This Incredible Video Shows Environmental Change Around The World

This Incredible Video Shows Environmental Change Around The World

A stunning video has been created displaying and contrasting incredible, diverse destinations around the world, while delivering a message about environmental change.

Using more than 4000 photos taken from Google Earth, Adnaan Jiwa created a video called Toposcape, which takes you around the world in just two minutes. The video includes images from New York and California in the US, Namibia, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, The Netherlands, Denmark and Iran.

Posting the video online, Jiwa explained that he hoped the video would highlight environmental innovation and degradation alongside the stunning imagery from around the world. Speaking to Travel + Leisure, Jiwa also added that he found “locations that demonstrated how people have shaped their environments, creating urban geometries in unsuspecting places, which can only be seen from above”.

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It took Jiwa almost 100 hours to source and edit the photos into the video, and the final product is equally beautiful and poignant. Across hundreds of frames, the video dramatically contrasts the changing look of residential area in the US and Denmark, rounded crop fields across the globe, and more.

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Check out more information here.

(All images: stills from Toposcape)

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