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A Robot Flips The Burgers At This San Francisco Restaurant

A Robot Flips The Burgers At This San Francisco Restaurant


The year is 2018. And while we as a people haven’t exactly mastered the craft of recreational space travel, invented flying cars or found a cure for death, a restaurant in San Francisco is slinging robot-made burgers, and we reckon that’s pretty neat.

The future is burgers, and we’re here for it.


After nine years of development and testing, Creator has opened its doors in San Fran’s SoMa district, home to the world’s first robot-made burger.

Creator is the brainchild of roboticist, Alex Vardakostas, food designer, David Bardow, and mechanical engineer Steve Frehn, all of who collaborated on the state-of-the-art culinary robotics company. The finished product probably isn’t what you’d expect though.


The crew consider the robot a “culinary instrument” which is essentially fancy talk for it can’t operate entirely on its own. People still work in the kitchen and, most importantly, interact with customers coming through the door. The founders’ mission was to reduce menial kitchen tasks, while still maintaining the human element of the kitchen.

It’s the real deal. Chefs from Michelin-starred restaurants, roboticists from Disney Imagineering, NASA and Tesla all came together to collaborate on the 4m-long kitchen robot. It features glass chutes to transfer ingredient and is kitted out with 350 sensors and 20 computers.


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The robot can pump out 130 burgers in one hour.

There are four burgers to choose from, and each will set you back US$6 (AU$8). Want to sample a robot-made burger for yourself? Swing by Creator and say hello!

How To Get There

  • Fly Qantas to San Francisco
  • From Airport Terminal 5 take the 398 towards San Francisco to Mission Street and 3rd Street
  • Walk 450m
  • Creator – 680 Folsom St, San Francisco

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