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Stay Calm, But Macca’s Just Released A Parmi Burger And Chicken Salt Fries

Stay Calm, But Macca’s Just Released A Parmi Burger And Chicken Salt Fries

One of the most amusing things I like to do when I travel the world, is pop into the Macca’s and see their ‘special’ for that country — which is normally a twist on the country’s signature dish, but just a little bit shitter.

The thing is, I can’t recall any specials that were particularly Australian — just using locally sourced meat doesn’t make it iconic Australian now, does it?

Until now.

Enter the Parmi Burger and Chicken Salt Shaker Fries — the most Australian things you can get besides pavlova. They’re being released today alongside a couple of other chicken treats, the McSpicy burger and Chicken McPieces.

Image: Provided / McDonald’s Australia

“We’re excited to be adding four new, delicious chicken items to our menu across the country,” said Marketing Director at McDonald’s Australia, Jo Feeney, in a statement.

“If you like a bit of heat, try out our new McSpicy burger, it will really test your spice levels. We’ve also got the Parmi Burger, with plenty of tasty parmigiana and cheese sauce accompanying the crispy chicken patty”.

“The new Chicken McPieces are one of my favourites — pieces of delicious Australian chicken breast in an irresistible golden coating”.

“And the final addition to our chicken menu is Chicken Salt Shaker Fries, which I know are going to be a hit with chicken salt fans around the country”.

I’d also like to point out that they’ve called it the Chicken PARMI burger, not chicken parma — and therefore it’s officially the right way to say and I won’t hear otherwise.

Regardless, the new chicken menu is available from today (October 14) after 10:30am at McDonald’s restaurants and via delivery around Australia. Bon appétit.

(Lead Image: Provided / McDonald’s Australia)

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