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This Cob Loaf Dip Air Fryer Recipe Combines All Of The Best Things In Life

This Cob Loaf Dip Air Fryer Recipe Combines All Of The Best Things In Life

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of the humble air fryer. If you haven’t tried using one, just go do it. You can throw just about anything in there from roast chicken to Caramello Koalas (which are the best and easiest dessert you’ll ever have, I cannot stress this enough).

Apparently now the air fryer is applying its magic to one of my other favourite things — the cob loaf dip. As we know, the cob loaf dip is a hero for anyone (me) who detests cooking but still has to contribute something to the dinner party.

By way of Tik Tok — your new home of cooking tips and food hacks, apparently — user Shanelle Carder shared her recipe for a cheesy, bacony, crispy cob loaf dip including a shit tonne of sour cream, so I’m in.

As the Tik Tok goes, all you have to do is:

  1. Follow your normal cob dip loaf prep (cutting off the top of the loaf and gutting it, etc).
  2. Crisp the hollowed out loaf in the air fryer for five minutes.
  3. Combine bacon, shredded cheese, cream cheese and sour cream.
  4. Add some garlic salt and mixed herbs to the mix.
  5. Top off with some crushed Doritos.
  6. Shove it in the cob loaf and top with more shredded cheese.
  7. Pop it in the microwave just to warm up the dip then stick the whole cob back in the air fryer, and voila!

If I’m totally honest, my favourite thing about this video is the pure amateur standard of the video. I mean this in absolutely the best and most relatable way.

Like when she tries to do that ‘drop the ingredient and it magically appears prepped and ready to go in the bowl’ thing but cuts away too late so you just watch the cream cheese clunk heavily into the bowl while still in the container. Or when she’d mixing the dip and mutters ‘SHIT’ under her breathe when the bacon makes a run for it.

We stan an amateur cooking Queen.

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If you need any other cooking ideas, and that whole baking sourdough until the cows come home trend is too passé for you, you could always try making cloud bread. Or saw screw it and just get your fave bar or restaurant to deliver to you.

Bon appetite!

(Lead Image: Tik Tok / shanelle_carder)

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