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Good News Twihards: You Can Rent That Super Luxe Honeymoon House From ‘Breaking Dawn’

Good News Twihards: You Can Rent That Super Luxe Honeymoon House From ‘Breaking Dawn’

Welcome, Twi-hards. It’s been a while since we’ve spoken. However, you’ve all just finished reading Midnight Sun and now I have news to share about that lush home Bella and Edward spend their honeymoon in.

Mainly, the news is that you can rent it for your own, hopefully less blood-sucking (but also I’m not here to yuck your yum) romantic getaway.

Image: VRBO

Look, I’m basically the opposite of a Twilight fan (don’t you DARE come for me), but even I would absolutely not say no to having a cheeky vacay in that luxe house on a private island where Bella and Edward finally did the dirty in Breaking Dawn — Part 1.

The house is located in a Brazilian colonial town named Paraty. While it’s not on an island, and that island mentioned in the movie doesn’t exist at all, the house is still super secluded between two hills.

It was also true that you can only access it by boat or helicopter, so you can really keep the riff raff out.

Image: VRBO

The ocean views are also extremely real, with the home sitting as much on the waterfront as you can get — for all your skinny dipping needs.

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The holiday home is being rented on VRBO for a not small sum of $4,498 a night. It does sleep up to 12 people in its six bedrooms though. So if you give up the romantic aspect and can find enough friends, that brings the price down to about $380 each.

Image: VRBO

And yes, I know, this will have to go on your bucket list for a less pandemic-y time. But if you love travel like Edward loves Bella you’ll wait for however long it takes (while also trying to control her life and being a moody bitch).

(Lead Image: Breaking Dawn Part 1 / VRBO)

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