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Excuse Me But There’s A Chicken Nugget Festival Hitting Melbourne

Excuse Me But There’s A Chicken Nugget Festival Hitting Melbourne

Chicken Nugget Festival 2019 Is Landing In Melbourne This Month

Festivals are one of our best inventions, a place to celebrate the things we love, whether it’s music or Kath & Kim. But you know what else people love? Nuggets. And pretty soon Melbourne will be honouring the humble food with the third annual Chicken Nugget Festival.

On Saturday, October 26, the dog-friendly Welcome to Thornbury is throwing a massive party celebrating the almighty nugget. Some of the city’s best nugget aficionados will be there with their finest golden, fried offerings.


But we’re not just talking about your run-of-the-mill nuggets — oh no. Expect nugget-inspired takes on pretty much every other top tier comfort food: Mr Burger will be bringing back its famous nugget burger, Mamma Van are serving a chicken nugget burrito and Pizza Pony will have a legit nugget pizza.


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Woking Amazing are whipping up some vegan nuggets, and Sparrow’s are making a monster of a sandwich — called “The Godfather” and nicknamed “Nuggedaboutit”, this bad boy’s a chicken nugget sandwich with schnitzel as the bread.

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There’ll also be a doughnut-nugget hybrid from Donugs, a sentence which I never thought would exist but brings me immeasurable joy.

The Chicken Nugget Festival kicks off at 12pm and will run late into the night. The bar will be running all day and the event page promises fun and games, so try not to eat yourself into a nugget coma too early. As with all Welcome to Thornbury events, entry is free and dogs are welcome all night long.

(Lead image: Andrea Parrish-Geyer / Flickr)

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