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The Blessed Garlic Bread Festival Is Coming Back To Melbourne

The Blessed Garlic Bread Festival Is Coming Back To Melbourne

Garlic Bread Festival: The Best Food Festival Ever Landing In Melbourne

Of all the wonderful food in this world, garlic bread reigns supreme. Because it’s a superfood that deserves to be honoured, Melbourne’s blessed Garlic Bread Festival is back for another year.

Welcome to Thornbury is putting on a whole day dedicated to eating and celebrating garlic bread. The godly snack will take over the food truck park on Saturday, March 21.

Expect garlic bread in all its forms (and some you’ve never even dreamed of), including burgers, gozleme and a garlic bread footlong. There’ll be classic stuff, fancy stuff and even specialty cocktails that have been created to pair perfectly with garlic bread.

The bar’s even slinging a special beer and mint combo deal, perfect for when you’ve eaten your fill and need to go back out into society.

The Garlic Bread Festival runs from 12pm until midnight, giving you 12 whole hours to stuff your face. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

Specific vendors haven’t been announced yet, but that doesn’t even matter. Garlic bread is perfect no matter where it’s from. In fact, the only food that comes close to contending with it is fairy bread, and I don’t see a big festival being thrown to honour the Aussie party snack, do you? (Although there definitely should be one.)

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As with all Welcome to Thornbury parties, dogs are welcome. Garlic bread and dogs — name a better duo, I’ll wait.

However, if you can’t wait for March 21, why not attempt Melbourne’s newest food challenge? The Don 2.0 is a 3.5kg cheeseburger that comes with beef patties, southern fried chicken, bacon, cheese and onion rings.

Not feeling quite that hungry? Mac and cheese dumplings are landing at Harajuku Gyoza on March 5. Or if you’re keen to indulge your sweet tooth, why not check out the best desserts in Sydney

Honestly, it’s just a great time to be hungry.

(Lead image: Africa Studio / Shutterstock)

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