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Maximum Chips: You Can Eat Endless Hot Chips At This Market Stall

Maximum Chips: You Can Eat Endless Hot Chips At This Market Stall

Maximum Chips Melbourne

Endless hot chips. Bottomless fries. Unlimited chippies. Do I have your attention now? Good. Because this stall in Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne, will be flinging a stupid amount of hot chips at anyone who cares to stand nearby as part of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival.


The event is called Maximum Chips (because that’s what you get) and promises “an ode to the humble chip in all its forms” on Friday 20 March from 5pm to 10pm. Tickets are $35 (purchase here in advance, they’re selling quickly) and include all the hot chips you could possibly want, as well as a welcome drink and a range of entertainment. Note that the event is cashless, so if you want to buy any additional food or drinks you’ll need to pay by card.

You’re already sold (who wouldn’t be?) but in case you need more information, there will also be plenty of cold drinks, a special condiment station, and all the fries you could ever want in a variety of cuts – classic French fry, crunchy crinkle cut, max oil-to-potato ratio shoestring fries and perhaps even a wedge or two. Look, we won’t be angry about the variety, given Maximum Chips will be serving up literally an unlimited amount of fries for such a decent price. Get in me, please, potato.


There’s a lot going down in Melbourne this summer, with a four-day bubble tea festival coming up, and one of Sydney’s best cakes recently landing in the city, as well as a classic burger joint opening a Melbourne outpost. If you’re hungry for more, why not hunt down some of Melbourne’s best food trucks?

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The 2020 program of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival kicks off on Thursday 19 March and runs until Sunday 29 March. Other than an evening dedicated to the hot chip (program highlight imo) there will be a plant-based food party, a Sichuan cuisine snack fair, a pasta party and a special celebration of Australia’s favourite cake cookbook – the Australian Women’s Weekly Children’s Birthday Cake Book.

(Lead image: Marco Fischer / Pexels)

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