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You Deserve To Go To Melbourne’s Blessed Haloumi Festival This Weekend

You Deserve To Go To Melbourne’s Blessed Haloumi Festival This Weekend

A Halloumi Festival Is Happening This Weekend In Melbourne

Cheese is the greatest food to ever grace this good earth, but we all know there’s one fromage to rule them all. Whether fried, grilled, mixed in a salad or layered on a burger, haloumi is pure perfection — which is why you should probably go and eat as much of it as possible this weekend at Melbourne’s Cyprus Haloumi Festival.

Coming back for the second year in a row, the Cyprus Haloumi Festival is a two-day celebration of the cheese in all its beautiful forms.

As well as eating your weight in haloumi samples, you’ll have a selection of traditional Cypriot dishes to choose from. Expect pies and pasta stuffed full of haloumi, plus souvlaki, loukoumades and koupes from the Kantina Kitchen.


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If you want to know how this hallowed cheese is made you can check out one of the live haloumi-making demonstrations, or to see it in action watch Mick and Jodie-Anne, of My Kitchen Rules fame, cook up some of their favourite cheesy dishes.

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The Haloumi Festival is going down this weekend, on from 12pm on October 26 and 27. General admission tickets are available here for the curiously precise amount of $11.64, and also get you a ticket in the raffle to win a holiday to Greece or Cyprus.

Melbourne’s got a stacked weekend coming up, with the Chicken Nugget Festival competing for your attention (and stomach) on Saturday. So much food, so little time to eat it all.

And if one weekend dedicated to cheese isn’t enough for you, you can always plan your next holiday based entirely around this interactive map of the most popular cheeses in Europe.

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