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Check Out This Suitcase That Is Also A Razor Scooter

Check Out This Suitcase That Is Also A Razor Scooter

There’s so many reasons to almost miss a flight. “I missed my alarm.” “The traffic was crazy!” “I fell asleep on the bus to the airport and was only roused from the backseat about 15 minutes before the plane was due to take off.” (Ahem.)

If you’re always finding yourself frantically dashing through the terminal dragging your suitcase of worldly belongings behind you, this Micro Luggage kickboard suitcase scooter is probably for you.


It folds from a conventional roll-behind carry-on suitcase to an easily manoeuvrable luggage kick scooter so you can glide straight up to your gate, tailwhip it*, give the flight attendant a high-five and strut on to the plane with ample time to get stuck into the in-flight magazine crossword before the plan even takes off.

The scooter part of the carry on suitcase is collapsable to fit easily into the overhead compartments. You can choose from two models, the Micro Luggage Reloaded or the Steve Aoki Micro Luggage. Seriously.

The kickboard suitcase scooter ranges in price from $415AUD to $510AUD and is available here.

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*Please don’t tail whip your razor scooter suitcase. Please. We implore you.

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