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Ditch Uber, Melbourne Now Has A Scooter Rideshare Service

Ditch Uber, Melbourne Now Has A Scooter Rideshare Service

If you’re looking for a ride in Melbourne, perhaps it’s time to look past Uber or begging your friend for a lift and book a trip with Scooti instead – Australia’s first scooter taxi rideshare service.

Scooti is essentially Uber but with electric scooters instead of cars. Seems pretty fun, especially if you’ve always wanted to ride a scooter but have a painful and embarrassing history of falling off two-wheeled vehicles.


It launched in Melbourne this week, as a cheaper and more eco-friendly alternative to taxis and other rideshare apps. It also boasts competitive prices and quicker rides, what with that whole thing about scooters being able to move through traffic jams and clogged roads.

To book a ride, you’ll just need the app which is available for both Android and iOS. Request a ride and wait for your driver to pull up on their swanky scooter. Drivers are required to travel with spare helmets for passengers, and they carry optional hair nets if you don’t like the idea of essentially sharing a helmet with all of their previous customers.


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The scooters are available daily between 5am and 10pm, and at the moment they operate within a 10km radius of Melbourne Town Hall in the CBD.

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Travelling with baggage? You will have to pack light, but every scooter comes with a luggage box for small bags and other items – you’ll have to wear a backpack for anything bigger though (try to keep it to a minimum though).


Scooti is a government-compliant ride share service, meaning that all drivers are accredited by Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria and have passed medical and criminal checks, and every scooter is registered and has passed Scooti’s safety and mechanical checks. Drivers will also give you a few tips about how to sit on the scooter and what to hold onto. Phew!

Obviously you won’t be able to pool with a friend, but if you’re travelling around the CBD on your own then Scooti might be a better option for you. Sydney and Queensland folks are up next — stay tuned for the service to launch in your lovely states soon.

Visit the Scooti website for more information, or to download the app.

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