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Pet Home Stay Is Like A Holiday For Your Dog

Pet Home Stay Is Like A Holiday For Your Dog

Heading away for the Christmas holidays but have nowhere to put your pooch? Pet Home Stay is like a concurrent vacation for your pet. The peer-to-peer site allows you to browse trusted pet sitters near you, arrange a meet and then book a home stay knowing your pet will have personalised care and attention in your absence. The pet sitters will send text and photo updates of your pet (lounging on a hammock, splashing in a pool, walking on the beach during sunset) and pet accident insurance is also included for peace of mind.

(Photo: Patrick O’Neill/Flickr)

The pet sitters have ratings and reviews, plus they provide photos of where your pet will spend their holidays so you can opt for the biggest backyard or the sitter who most loves to cuddle. There’s also a 24/7 support centre for any unlikely emergencies. While it’s obviously convenient for pet owners, it also suits those who want the benefits of having a pet around but can’t commit to owning one full-time.

(Photo: Patrick O’Neill/Flickr)

There are more than 250 registered sitters across Melbourne and Sydney offering things like “6am walks on Bondi Beach, puppy pillows and holistic treats – a beautiful tranquil environment for your pet to relax.”

The only issue is dealing with your dog not wanting to leave when you go to collect them. Holidays are always over too soon.

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