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Don’t Panic, But Cadbury Is Hiring Chocolate Tasters

Don’t Panic, But Cadbury Is Hiring Chocolate Tasters

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Are you sick of the daily grind? Searching for that dream job? Looking to finally fulfil your life’s purpose? Well, put in your four weeks notice immediately, because Cadbury is hiring chocolate tasters.


There are four new roles up for grabs at the UK’s Mondelez International, the company behind Oreos and Cadbury treats. It’s looking for one Chocolate and Cocoa Taster and three Chocolate Tasters to work in their factory in Reading, England.


No experience is required, but applicants who have strong detection skills and a passion for confectionery will be favoured (*raises hand*). You’ll also need to be eager to try new and inventive products, and you’ll be working closely with a team of choccy panellists to share opinions and collaborate to reach an agreement on taste.

Apart from the unbelievable perk of literally being paid to eat chocolate, you’ll receive $16 (£9) per hour as well as an impressive holiday allowance.

The part-time job is asking for just 7.5 hours per week, four days a week. You will, of course, have to move to the UK if successful, but let’s face it – you’re already half-way through booking your flights.

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You have until February 16 to apply. What are you waiting for?

(Lead image: Cadbury Dairy Milk / Facebook)

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