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Bumble Will Literally Pay You To Travel But The Catch Is You Need To Go On Dates

Bumble Will Literally Pay You To Travel But The Catch Is You Need To Go On Dates

Bumble Global Connector Bee

Scoring a free holiday is the stuff of dreams, and now there’s a chance to travel, meet new people and see the world, all on the dollar of Bumble. But dating is, famously, a nightmare — so this will be interesting.

Bumble, the dating app that gives women the final say in whether a match goes down, is hiring for a brand-new role. Whoever is employed as the world’s first “Global Connector Bee” will travel around the world for free. Wherever they adventure, they’ll go on dates, make new friends and create professional connections with other Bumble users.


They’ll document their experiences for Bumble, sharing personal stories and research in the form of videos, articles and social media posts.

The role will be an all-expensed-paid contract position for up to a year, and the winning Bee will be jetting off to places like Mexico, Norway, Germany and throughout Australia.

Anyone in Australia, Canada, the US and the UK who’s over the age of 18 can apply through the app. Just match with the “Travel the World as Bumble’s Global Connector Bee” card in the app to begin your application.

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You can read the full job listing on the Bumble website, and you have until June 14 to apply, so start swiping!

Travelling the world for free is great and all, but obviously the real upside here is the opportunity to get paid to go on terrible dates — and hopefully a few good dates too.

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(Lead image: Huy Phan / Unsplash)

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