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A Trip To The Opera With Your Partner Is The Horniest Date, According To New Research

A Trip To The Opera With Your Partner Is The Horniest Date, According To New Research

I’ll be honest, when I think of a cute date night I think galleries, smash rooms, bowling and even a classic dinner and a movie scenario. Hell, in this day and age I even think Zoom. Apparently, I’ve been getting it all wrong though, because the date most likely to bond you and make you horny is a trip to the opera — according to new research.

Opera Australia (in collaboration with YouGov) just released the finding of a new social study that found “97 percent of people felt more connected to their partner after experiencing an opera performance together”.

The study was conducted as an online survey sampling couples over 18 who had attended a performance of Tosca at the Sydney Opera House. It was designed to measure the intimacy of couples before and after the show, particularly inspired by recent news that 42 percent of Aussies couples had experienced a negative change in their relationship since Covid.


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“I’ve always said opera has the power to move people, and the impact it can have should never be underestimated,” said Opera Australia’s Artistic Director Lyndon Terracini. “When that experience is shared, it can absolutely bring people closer together”.

“The results of this study certainly show that’s the case. I’ve felt it as a performer but even more so as an audience member. When you hear those amazing operatic voices and the emotion behind them, it can hit you right in the chest and be a profoundly moving and emotional experience.”

It’s not exactly a new concept either, classical music and opera have both been studied for their ability to create a little… romance. Both have been believed to be powerful aphrodisiacs for centuries,  like Homer’s Oddesy and the Sirens, and the intentionally erotic music writing of Italy in the 16th and 17th centuries.


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Certified Australian relationship and sex expert, Georgia Grace, agrees with the findings. “Opera music is scientifically proven to stimulate the pleasure centres of the brain, which is the same part that fires up when you fall in love,” she said.

“It can feel deeply arousing to engage in new behaviours, particularly romantic ones like going to the opera, and I see many couples who find that trying new experiences together has an aphrodisiac impact”.

“I would suggest couples try watching an opera performance together, as it is a fascinating way to explore intimacy, eroticism and how your body responds to certain stimuli. The more curious we are about our bodies, and the more we engage in new activities, the greater our capacity for pleasure and intimacy with another person”.

So there you have it, if you want to get horny together, go see the opera.

On that note, it’s probably good news for anyone looking for a bit of spice that the Opera Australia winter season kicks off on June 22. You can check out what’s on offer and buy tickets here.

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