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These Are The Languages Most Likely To Literally Get Your Heart Racing

These Are The Languages Most Likely To Literally Get Your Heart Racing

If we’re being completely honest, some languages are simply sexier than others. For me, personally, give me a Scottish or Irish accent and call it a day. According to a recent study though, I’m the only one.

Global e-learning website Preply conducted a study using pick up line in different languages on participants who were asked to wear heart rate monitors while they listened to the flirty clips.

Resting heart rates, at an average of 65 bpm were then compared to the heart rate levels listening to each language to see how much each one got people’s hearts racing.

The winner, obviously, was Italian. You can check out the top 10 below:

  1. Italian – 23 percent bpm increase
  2. Portuguese – 20 percent bpm increase
  3. French – 18 percent bpm increase
  4. Russian – 18 percent bpm increase
  5. Greek – 18 percent bpm increase
  6. Chinese – 17 percent bpm increase
  7. Polish – 17 percent bpm increase
  8. Japanese – 15 percent bpm increase
  9. German – 15 percent bpm increase
  10. Dutch – 12 percent bpm increase

Apparently, there’s a bit of a formula to what makes a language attractive though. Aleksandra Stevanovic, linguist and translator with a BA in Swedish Language and Scandinavian Literatures explains that it’s all about vowels.

“The languages perceived to be easy for singing, like Italian, follow the pattern of one-vowel-one-consonant, so every syllable ends in a vowel. These languages sound musical to human ears, which can be perceived as more ‘attractive’”.

“On the other hand, languages with lots of consonants stacked together in so-called consonant groups, are perceived as non-musical. These types of languages – which include Slavic languages and German — are often perceived as less ‘attractive’”.

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If you’re hoping to increase your chance of scoring a lover this year, you can always try these free apps to learn one of the above languages.

Apparently whatever language you speak, you can Aleksandra says you make your voice more sexually appealing by lowering your pitch, speaking more slowly and adding a little Scarlett Johansson-esque sultry overlay.

Or, you know, just keep doing what you’re doing because you are fabulous.

(Lead Image: Unsplash / Jonathan Borba)

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