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Hello! ‘The Book Of Mormon’ Could Be Coming To Sydney

Hello! ‘The Book Of Mormon’ Could Be Coming To Sydney

The Book Of Mormon

If you’re a fan of musical theatre and conspiracy theories, listen up – it looks like Tony Award-winning musical comedy The Book of Mormon is finally about to arrive in Sydney.

Nope, this isn’t a Spooky Mormon Hell Dream: A bunch of ads for the critically acclaimed production have quietly appeared at bus stops in Sydney, but, despite their signature Mormon aesthetic and claims “The Mormons are coming!”, there’s not a huge amount of information about when we can expect them to be knocking on our door.

Publicist Ian Phipps confirmed to Marie Claire Australia that the ads had indeed gone up today, but wasn’t prepared to say if that means the show is actually headed to our shores.

“It might be coming,” he said, putting more emphasis on the “might” than we’d have liked. “Keep your eyes open.”

Written by South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, along with Avenue Q and Frozen composer Robert Lopez, The Book of Mormon tells the tale of two young Mormon missionaries sent to Africa to preach their uniquely, er, American religion. Satirising the very concept of organised religion, it made its debut on Broadway in 2011 following seven years of research.

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It opened at Melbourne’s Princess Theatre in January 2017, promptly becoming the highest-selling show during its on-sale period in the theatre’s 160-year history – almost a year before previews even began.

Given it also won nine Tony Awards in total (Best Musical among them) and set ticket-sales records for Broadway’s Eugene O’Neill Theatre, it’s safe to say you best heed Phipps’ advice and keep your eyes peeled for tickets if a Sydney run is announced (and add your name to the waitlist, just to be sure).

(Lead image: The Book of Mormon Australia / Facebook)

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