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Get Ready For ‘Moulin Rouge! The Musical’ To Make It’s Way Down Under In 2021

Get Ready For ‘Moulin Rouge! The Musical’ To Make It’s Way Down Under In 2021

I don’t care how shit Australia was, I still maintain that *overall*, Baz Luhrmann is one fo the best directors/ story tellers/ whatever out there, and Moulin Rouge is a shiny gold star on his accomplished chest.

I honestly couldn’t tell you what year it was that I saw the theatre adaptation in Sydney’s Capitol Theatre, but seeing as the stage adaptation was originally announced in 2016, I’m going to assume it was about 2019.

The point for my rambling here, is that it was HANDS DOWN one of the best musicals I’ve ever seen and absolutely everybody should go if you have half the chance. They (aka Global Creatures) took a full 10 years to develop the adaptation, and the effort shows.

As proof of their intentions to forge ahead with shows in Melbourne and Sydney next year, both cities have out out casting calls for auditions in January and February 2021, with the intention to work towards June rehearsals and August previews.

Although an exact performance date hasn’t been set yet, you can get your name on a list for priority access for the 2021 shows by heading here.

There wasn’t a lot of fun things to be had in the year that was, but with corona cases appearing to stay down in Australia — and even the humble dance floor making a return for your drunk nights out — it seems that 2021 is preparing to make up for it.

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Hamilton, of course, is already selling tickets for Australian performances (even if you’ve already watched the Broadway production on Disney+), MONA FOMA was just confirmed and the line-up has been announced, and the humble Aussie road trip is well and truly kicking.

Things are looking up!

(Lead Image: ‘Moulin Rouge’)

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