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Norway Is Live Streaming Its Reindeer Migration

Norway Is Live Streaming Its Reindeer Migration

Norway’s SlowTV channel is running a week-long, 24/7 broadcast of its reindeer migration. And you better believe that we’ll be tuning in.

SlowTV is Norway’s most popular, and possibly its weirdest, phenomenon. The channel is dedicated to streaming banal pastimes like knitting a scarf, fishing for salmon or riding a train from one point of the country to another. Yep, literally nothing happens. And still, thousands of viewers tune in every day.

Now, Slow TV is running a live stream of its reindeer migration that will run 24 hours of the day for one week.


It will follow over 1500 reindeer as they make their summer migration through Finnmark County’s mountain plateau and swim over the Kvaløysundet strait. The stream will be captured on cameras strapped to the heads of some of the reindeer as well as overhead drones. It will also be hosted by a Norwegian host, who will guide the viewers through the entire herding process.

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Photo: Patrick Smith/Flickr

The special is called Follow The Reindeer Herders In Northern Norway and will stream live non-stop from April 21 through April 27. No word on how we can access the stream in Australia, but boy would it would be good to chuck it on in the background for a snooze.

(Lead image: Anne Katja Gaup/Flickr)

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