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8 Of The Best Aussie Podcasts To Binge On Your Next Road Trip

8 Of The Best Aussie Podcasts To Binge On Your Next Road Trip

The country is opening back up and people are hitting the road with a renewed energy only those who’ve been stuck indoors for months can muster. To me, long road trips are synonymous with finally being able to catch up on all the podcasts I’ve been missing out on.

As you may have guessed, I’m woefully out of date when it comes to podcasts. Instead of fumbling my way through, I begged Melissa Mason — one half of the new podcast The Zest Is History — for her top recommendations on podcasts coming out of Australia.

The 8 best road trip podcasts

#1 The Zest Is History


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“It would be remiss of me not to suggest my own podcast, right? My co-host Josie Rozenberg-Clarke and I started The Zest Is History after both realising we were obsessed with this Great Southern Land and its quirky stories. Each week, we delve into a wild moment from years past.”

“For example, did you know there was a war between humans and emus, and the emus… won?”

#2 The Eleventh

“One of the best podcasts the ABC has produced so far, in my opinion. I love everything they do, but I especially love The Eleventh because Gough Whitlam’s story has always fascinated me, and this podcast goes REAL deep. Sound boring? It’s not – they manage to make politics enthralling, even if you barely know your Senate from your House Of Reps (me).”

#3 Bowraville

“Whenever anyone asks me what the best Australian investigative podcast is in my opinion, I say Bowraville. One of the first true crime podcasts in Australia, Bowraville looks at the unsolved murders of three Indigenous children from the mid-North Coast of NSW. The podcast led to renewed interest in the case and a campaign continues for a retrial.”

#4 Dyl & Friends


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“I’m adding this one on Josie’s behalf, because I know she loves it. If you’re a footy fan, you’ve found your podcast people – but even if you’re not, Dylan – who currently plays for the GWS Giants – often interviews non-footy folks, too.”

#5 Everyone Has An Ex

“While the name makes it sound like you’re in for hours of people whinging about failed relationships, the reality is this podcast has a huge heart. Led by ex-Bachelorette Georgia Love, each episode focuses on a different person and their story. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll probably want to hug everyone through your phone, to be honest.”

#6 Bobo & Flex

“Bobo & Flex is a religion. Trust me on this — you’ll listen to a few episodes and suddenly you’ll be hanging on Flex Mami and Bobo Matjila’s every word.”

#7 I Just Called To Tell You A Joke

“You will burn through the 47 episodes in, well, 47 minutes because they’re all one minute long. This is literally just a podcast where a woman calls people she knows to tell them a (usually Dad-level) joke, but for some reason I’m hooked? It’s just so bloody cute.”

#8 Always Was, Always Will Be Our Stories


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“Like most white Aussies who aren’t being ignorant douchebags, I’m trying to listen/read/watch more consciously at the moment. For me, a big part of that is getting into podcasts, shows and books that are by BIPOC. Marlee Silva is just such a fantastic podcast host, and each week she chats with a different Indigenous Australian about their story.

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