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PSA: There’s A Place In Melbourne That’ll Let You Chuck Paint At Your Friends

PSA: There’s A Place In Melbourne That’ll Let You Chuck Paint At Your Friends

My favourite part of 10 Thing I Hate About You has always been that super cute date Patrick (Heath Ledger) and Kat (Julie Stiles) go on, running around throwing paint-filled water balloons at each other. It looks about 1000 times more chill than paintball, 2000 times less likely to leave a bruise and it just looks so damn fun.

While the whole concept has been going off in the U.S.A. for yonks, I’ve honestly been searching for a replica in Australia since I was 14, and although smash rooms and even axe throwing come closer, the search has been with no success. Until now.


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Smash Splash in Oakleigh, Melbourne has combined all your favourite throwing activities — think smashing plates and hurling axes — and then thrown a sweet painted cherry on top with their ‘splash rooms’.

Two or more people can go in the room together and just go to town chucking paint around the room. You can paint the walls, releasing your inner artist, or (more likely in my case), just throw it at each other.

A mere $50 will get you 30-minutes inside the splash room. Then you get to skip on out of there, leaving the clean-up to someone else. What a dream.

If that’s not enough for you, of course you can also have a go in the smash rooms — you know, where you get to whack and crack a bunch of stuff from plates to television sets? This one you can go alone or, because this is the only smash room in Australia that will allow you to have two people at once, with a mate. Prices start from $50 for 10 to 15 minutes.

They actually opened up in August last year but somehow I missed it. Which is ok, because it means I get to live my dreams right now. Or at least, on my next weekend away.

(Lead Image: Instagram / @smashsplashoakleigh)

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