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Holy Cocktails, Batman! London’s Getting A Bunch Of DC-Themed Restaurants

Holy Cocktails, Batman! London’s Getting A Bunch Of DC-Themed Restaurants

Harley Quinn DC bar Park Row London

A new restaurant coming soon to London will not be exactly as it seems at first sight. It will be home to a DC-themed celebration of Batman and some of his most prominent adversaries, and it’ll be called Park Row. Rather grimly, that’s the alley where Thomas and Martha Wayne (the parents of Bruce Wayne, aka Batman) were murdered.


The official partnership between DC Comics and Wonderland Restaurants will feature five different restaurants and three bars, including an Iceberg Lounge themed after Batman villain, The Penguin.

batman restaurant penguin bar
The Penguin’s Iceberg Lounge will be a part of the DC-themed Batman restaurant and bars. Image: Wonderland Restaurants

There will also a Harley Quinn-themed speakeasy, named Old Gotham City, serving cocktails and small bites.

The other confirmed venue will be a British-influenced, share-plates-focused restaurant called Pennyworth, after Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce Wayne’s butler and mentor.

Insider reports that the meal prices will be about £45 (AU$87) per head across the main restaurants.

The centrepiece of the expansive collection of restaurants is reported to be a reproduction of the Monarch Theatre, the cinema where the Waynes took a young Bruce on the night of their death and which eventually became a hideout for chief Batman villain the Joker. The multi-sensory restaurant experience will cost £120 (AU$233) and include digital projections and even staff who get in on the act.

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The collaboration comes at a key time for DC, with a new Harley Quinn movie Birds of Prey out now, and the Robert Pattinson Batman flick and more on the horizon. Park Row, the Batman restaurant and DC-themed bars, will open in London’s Soho sometime between March and May this year. Find more information at the Park Row website.

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(Lead image: Warner Bros.)

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