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Wands At The Ready: The Harry Potter-Themed Brunch Is Coming Back To Melbourne

Wands At The Ready: The Harry Potter-Themed Brunch Is Coming Back To Melbourne

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Remember when we got a Harry Potter brunch in Australia and the wizards in the country lost their collective minds scrambling for tickets? Yeah, so that’s low-key happening again – and by that, we mean it’s locked in for October 26 in Melbourne.

Given how popular the first Harry Potter brunch was (y’all were so keen for tickets that they announced two extra sittings and even took it on the road to a whole other city), the new Wizard’s Brunch has been split into two sessions: brunch and a boozy, adults-only late-night sesh.


You can also pick up a drinks pass that gets you three hours of beers, wine and soft drink. Asking for a friend – is there a spell to cure a hangover?

So what makes this an event fit for the famously over-the-top wizarding world? Expect illusionists, fortune tellers, living statues and more. There’ll even be a prize for the best-dressed wizard, so dig out your robes now.


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There aren’t many other details confirmed yet, but if we look in our Pensieve we can see that the last events had spell classes, sorting ceremonies, magical potions to drink and a feast fit for a grand hall.

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Oh yeah, speaking of a grand hall – it’s all going down in Melbourne’s Hawthorn Arts Centre, which looks ultra lush and appropriately old-timey.


Tickets to the Wizard’s Brunch and Dinner are gonna sell out in a snap so, you know, get on it quicker than Harry catches a snitch. Food-only brunch tickets are $139.81 per person, or $188.98 with the unlimited alcohol package. The dinner session costs $168.14, or $217.31 with alcohol.

We wish we had Hermione’s Time-Turner right about now, but until October we’ll have to make do with a Harry Potter­-themed escape room, a night in a wizard-themed hotel room or cheap tickets to see The Cursed Child.

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(Lead image: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince / Warner Bros.)

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