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Aussies Just Voted On The Best Schnitty And Potato Scallop, So Prepare To Fight About It

Aussies Just Voted On The Best Schnitty And Potato Scallop, So Prepare To Fight About It

Every year, Wotif holds the People’s Choice Awards, allowing users to share the country’s most underrated gems and vote for their favourite things in a range of categories. Well the results for 2020 are in, and you’re probably going to fight about them.

I know how things get particularly heated when it comes to Aussie food favourites. Hell, we can’t even keep it together when we’re trying to decide the right way to pronounce things. So, take your corners, and read on.

Wotif Winners

Best Potato Scallop: Blue Lips Fish & Chips, Exmouth, WA 

“We’re talking serious potato business here – home made with mashed potato, leek and cream, Blue Lips don’t mess around,” says Wotif.

As a potato scallop expert and enthusiast, I would say that it’s not over until I give it a taste (read: please someone send them to me, or me to them). However the very unassuming, casual fish and chip shop exterior leads me to believe the win is probably just.

Best Schnitty: Schnithouse, Adelaide, SA 

“With a dish called ‘Schnit Faced’ and over 20 varieties on the menu, you know these guys are serious about their schnitty, with gluten-free options also available,” says Wotif.

Well look, I would argue that this is another dish best served at your local pub, but it’s not surprising that a place named after the food has perfected the craft.

Best Bowls Club: Merthyr Bowls Club, New Farm, QLD

“Said to have the best view in Brisbane, this Bowls Club isn’t your run of the mill bowlo, with a delicious menu to boot,” says Wotif.

There are few things in life more enjoyable than day drinking while playing barefoot bowls. If you can get one with a good view, then all the better.

Best Markets: Eumundi Markets, Eumundi, QLD

“Voters sure had a lot to say about Eumundi – the quality, variety, delicious food, vibing entertainment and locally-made wares are just a few reasons to visit, plus did we mention it’s a short drive to the beach?” says Wotif.

I’m absolutely a sucker for markets, and would gladly buy all my things there if I could. Eumundi (inland from Noosa) are very proud of their markets, which draws people in for its locally made artisan treasures.

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Best Big Thing: The Big Banana, Coffs Harbour, NSW

“An Australian icon, as many put it. Australia’s first Big Thing and one that continues to reinvent itself with its toboggan, laser tag arena and water park. Plus, you can’t go past those choc-covered bananas,” says Wotif.

Honestly, I couldn’t agree more with this one. I have a personal enjoyment of the ‘Big Things‘ around our country, even if there seems to be no purpose to them. But give me a Big Banana toboggan and ice cream any day.

Best Holiday Park: BIG4 West Beach Parks, Adelaide, SA

“The perfect family spot, located on the beach with endless activities for the kids and walking steps to great eateries and shops,” says Wotif.

Ok these guys have their own golf course and skate park? Who knew campground could be that epic. They’re also an easy 20 minute drive to the centre of Adelaide city, so you’ve got to love the location.

(All Images: Provided / Wotif)

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