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The 6 Best Beaches In Perth For Anyone Who’s Trying To Hit Up Australia’s Top Summer Vacay Spot

The 6 Best Beaches In Perth For Anyone Who’s Trying To Hit Up Australia’s Top Summer Vacay Spot

NSW and VIC sighed in huge relief this week as WA’s hard borders finally opened and the first arrivals landed. But it’s not just families and friends looking to reunite — Skyscanner has found search data showing a pent-up demand for travellers wanting to get out and explore.

Sorry Queensland, but Western Australia is currently the top trending destination for Christmas and New Year travel on, with searches for Perth increasing 39 percent week on week. Perth is also blitzing Sydney in popularity, with 10 percent more searches for the Chrissie and New Year period.

Since the last week of November, Perth has shot up from 5th position to 1st in overall search rankings when looking at the first week of December. And it looks like the demand will unlock more flights.

“As airlines react to the demand, we would expect providers to add more flights, as we’ve seen with new routes being added to schedules for Queensland and Victoria,” travel expert, Paul Whiteway, tells AWOL.

“Virgin and Qantas for example have already announced they’ll be adding more flights into Western Australia from December 14.”.

But this love for our westernmost state doesn’t really come as a surprise – travellers have been fantasising about far-flung WA adventures for months. It’s a pretty special place with ridiculously cool experiences for your bucket list, plus some of the best beaches in the country.

Now that the borders are open, we asked Skyscanner’s Australia Destination Expert, Paul Whiteway, to give us the hot intel on Perth’s best beaches for every type of traveller.

Perth’s six best beaches, according to a travel expert

“Perth beaches are famous for their sugar-white sand and bright blue water,” says Whiteway. But if you’re planning a beach getaway, you should know about a certain doctor that could disrupt your plans.

“Anyone from Perth will know all too well that Perth is cooled in summer by a brisk sea breeze nicknamed the ‘Fremantle Doctor’. The ‘Doctor’ generally arrives mid- to late-morning, until mid-afternoon,” explains Whiteway.

“If a sea breeze isn’t your thing, you can be off the beach by midday and soak in the view from a beachside café. (And if you’re a surfer, windsurfer or kite surfer, Perth is paradise!)”.

#1 Best for families – Brighton Beach


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“If you want to escape Scarborough’s crowds, walk southwards to Brighton Beach and lay down a towel in between the sand dunes. Brighton Beach is every bit as gorgeous, but generally has fewer people,” Whiteway reveals.

“Families with young kids will love spending time at Hillary’s Boat Harbour. This calm bay has a seaside playground, a wide grassy area, calm water, and a shopping centre with kid-friendly restaurants and shops. Another good pick is Scarborough Beach for its pool, playground, skatepark, and wide stretch of sand”.

#2 Best for activities – Port Beach


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“Fremantle’s hipster answer to Scarborough Beach, minus the big surf,” says Whiteway. “Port Beach and nearby Leighton Beach are essentially an unbroken continuous strip of sand all the way to South Cottesloe. It’s a great beach for ocean swimmers, stand-up paddle boarders, as well as families with young kids, as there are rarely breakers at Port thanks to its proximity to Fremantle Harbour to the south. Beach walkers and joggers will love it too”.

“For low-key dining and snacks, you’ll find a kiosk on the beach. For something a bit more formal, Salt on the Beach Restaurant is definitely worth a visit whether you’re coming straight off the sea or want a leisurely lunch or romantic waterfront dinner”. 

#3 Best for surfers – Trigg Beach

“The undisputed king of surf among Perth beaches, Trigg Beach can get a little wild for swimmers,” Whiteway cautions. “The water is best avoided by weak swimmers and children. Beach breaking waves, rips and undertows can create some challenging conditions”.

“Surfers rate it one of Perth’s best, though its popularity means that waves can get a little crowded. This is especially the case during school holidays, when lifesaving clubs host a gamut of events at Trigg Beach. Either way, it’s a beautiful beach to watch the surfers or to get your daily exercise by walking or jogging on the firm beach sand”.

#4 Best for day trippers – Cottesloe Beach


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“Rivalling Scarborough Beach for Perth’s most popular beach, Cottesloe (or just Cott, as the locals call it), is the place to go when you want to make surfers, swimmers and kids happy,” Whiteway  says. “Protected by a southern break wall, the iconic art-deco Indiana Teahouse flanked by grassed terraces dominates the foreshore”.

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“Even if you’re not a beachgoer, it’s worth paying a visit to Cottesloe Beach for the casual Aussie vibe and beautiful coastline vistas. Across the road, the Cottesloe Pub is a must visit for rehydrating sun-parched lips. Though there are plenty of other choices too – the Cott, like the Teahouse, is an institution”.

#5 Best for animal lovers – Rottnest Island


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“Perth’s favourite offshore island (truth be known, you could count them all on three fingers) is known by everyone simply as ‘Rotto’,” says Whiteway. “Most famous for its cute quokkas, there’s much more to this little island”.

“Dazzling white sand, clear water, sweeping crescent-shaped bays and intimate cosy coves are all here. Favourites are The Basin, Longreach and Geordie Bays along with Thompson Bay, the hub of the island”.

“Hire a bike and head for Salmon Bay and Little Armstrong Bay, it’s best if you get there early to avoid the crowds. Rotto has boating, diving, snorkelling, surfing and swimming – it’s a water fan’s paradise”.

#6 Best for avoiding the crowds – Sandtrax and Bailey Beach

“In a city of over one million residents, it’s still possible to find a patch of sand far from the maddening crowds,” Whiteway shares.

“Sandtrax Beach – north of Fremantle’s northernmost breakwater, is a good spot to avoid the crowds and any blustery wind when it’s in full sand-blast swing. Bailey Beach (just south of Mettams Pool) – is a tiny cove with a reef, making it a great snorkelling spot in calm conditions”.

For more ideas on crafting the ultimate WA getaway, click here.

(Lead Image: Unsplash / Josh Spires)

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