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Start Rolling The Dough Because Aldi Is Selling A Woodfire Pizza Oven For Only $179

Start Rolling The Dough Because Aldi Is Selling A Woodfire Pizza Oven For Only $179

I don’t think I’ve made a secret of the fact that I love an Aldi Special Buy. Thanks to hiking gear, air fryers and weighted blankets, I’m starting to become a bit of a regular in that early Saturday morning line. Turning 30 changes you, I swear.

For example, I’m never in the kitchen if I can at all help it, yet the fact Aldi is slinging a woodfire pizza oven for only $179 is very much making me rethink my hobbies. It’s a combined woodfire pizza and charcoal BBQ oven, complete with a pizza stone, cooking grill and charcoal grate.

Just so you know, these bad boys will normally set you back at least $300. You didn’t need to know this, but my uncle also built his own once, and the materials cost as much and building it took a year. So, this is a good deal. You get it.

It comes as a part of their Outdoor Living and BBQ Essentials Special Buys collection, on sale next Saturday, September 26, which you can check out here.

I might be the only one excited by this, but they’re also selling on of those fake plantĀ Premium Garden Wall Screenings for $50. I’ve been trying to liven up my concrete backyard and hide my bins, ok?

There’s also a three pieceĀ Multifunctional Outdoor Setting, which is actually super nice, going for $499. You’ll only get a better deal on Facebook Marketplace, trust me I’ve been searching.

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Not to mention one of those Hanging Egg Chairs for $199, which I absolutely do not need but have always wanted, ever sinnce I was a wee babe in the 90s.

It is Spring, so a perfect time to make-over your indoors and outdoors, if you ask me.

(Lead Image: Aldi)

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