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Bring The Travel Adventures To You With These Live Experiences From Around The World

Bring The Travel Adventures To You With These Live Experiences From Around The World

I think the hardest part about lockdown for people with travel in their hearts is the complete lack of adventure. You can try cooking a new dish, and that’s very worthy, but you can’t try an entirely new culture. Or can you?

Airbnb may not have properties around the world for you to rent just now, but what they do have is a huge range of worldwide online experiences to join in from the comfort of your own couch.

Have you always wanted to make pasta the way Italians do? Join in a live online cooking class all the way from Palombara Sabina. Or maybe Swedish pastries are more your jam? Then you’ll want to join a class led by a Stockholm baker.

What about getting your zen on with meditation led by a Japanese Monk? Well you can, with the guidance of a Monk who spent years teaching meditation in temples around Japan.

You’ll have to BYO the Guinness, but you can totally take an Irish Dance masterclass, led by a professional dancer, musician, and educator all the way from Ireland.

Of course, some experiences you can just sit back and enjoy — like a Tango Concert coming at you from Buenos Aires, a drag show by the best Queens in Portugal or a traditional Turkish Coffee fortune reading by a pro in New York.

I think you’re getting the picture, this is some pretty amazing stuff.

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Right now there are 50 different experiences to choose from, with more being planned in the coming weeks. Prices start from around $15 and yes, they’re all done in a few different languages, English being one of the most common.

Personally, I am obsessed with this idea. It’s the travel fix and human interaction I absolutely need to get me through this. Check out everything on offer over at the Airbnb website.

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