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Adelaide Is Getting A Huge Playground For Grown-Ups

Adelaide Is Getting A Huge Playground For Grown-Ups

West Beach in South Australia will soon be home to an all-ages aerial park, and we’re so excited. Opening this summer, the MegaAdventure Aerial Park is like a playground in the sky. With its futuristic space station look, this four-level structure – the first of its kind in Australia – has intrigued residents in the Adelaide Shores precinct during its construction over the past few months.


The brainchild of ex-military man Alex Blyth, MegaAdventure was inspired by Blyth’s time training with aerial assaults in the British Army. Its 26-metre SkyMate arena aims to test your balance and hand-eye coordination with a mixture of ropes and beam courses – which means if you complete the course successfully, you’re basically ready for the army (not really).

There are 120 challenges to complete all up, including rope bridges, beams, scramble nets, swings, log steps and even aerial surfboards.

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No longer will you be jealous of those kids playing on the monkey bars at the public playground – this is an aerial playground for adults, too. While there’s no set opening date just yet, you can keep an eye on MegaAdventure’s Facebook page for updates.

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