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And The Most Instagrammed Places On Earth Are…

And The Most Instagrammed Places On Earth Are…

It’s a well known fact that in the age we live in, travelling comes with a few bragging rights. Thankfully, Instagram has this handy little feature where you can tag the place you’re in, because it’s really important everyone knows about that super cool brunch spot you’ve found or that #nofilter beach you’re swimming in. Thanks to Travel + Leisure, we now know the top ten most geo-tagged places across the globe. Check them out below.


#1 Disneyland (Anaheim, USA)

A photo posted by Disneyland (@disneyland) on

This one’s no big surprise – it is the happiest place on earth and millions of people flock there each year without fail. Embrace your inner kid, grab some Mickey ears and go on all the rides.

#2 Dodger Stadium (Los Angeles, USA)

A photo posted by Emmanuelle Cottet (@manoo10) on

Batter up! Los Angeles’ famed Dodger’s stadium ranks in at number two on the list because Americans sure do love their baseball.

#3 Times Square (New York City, USA)

A photo posted by Jay Batten (@jazemaster) on

The iconic New York City strip is of course on this list – it’s a go-to for tourists who want to embrace a little bit of NYC flair.

#4 Siam Paragon Shopping Mall (Bangkok, Thailand)

  A photo posted by Manja (@manjapanja) on

This shopping mecca in the heart of Thailand is also one of the biggest malls in Asia, featuring international and local designers, cinemas, restaurants, a fitness centre and even an aquarium.

#5 Gorky Park (Moscow, Russia)

A photo posted by Alina Ron (@alinaron) on

This park in Moscow’s CBD is the perfect place to relax, eat, check out the many fountains, and watch some fireworks.

#6 The Louvre (Paris, France)

A photo posted by Elena Zennaro (@zzellie_) on

Classy art in a cool location.

#7 Red Square (Moscow, Russia)

A photo posted by @zachak on

The Red Square is often considered the heart of Moscow with historical buildings lining the square and all of Moscow’s major roads leading towards it.

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#8 Madison Square Garden (New York City, USA)

A photo posted by Anastasia (@elkins_street) on

Everything from sport to music takes place at this iconic NYC venue. Best part is it’s located on top of Pennsylvania Station, which makes it super easy to get to.

#9 Yankee Stadium (New York City, USA)

A photo posted by Aki Oonishi (@0024aki) on

Remember how we told you how much Americans love their baseball?

#10 The Dubai Mall (Dubai, UAE)

A photo posted by The Dubai Mall (@thedubaimall) on

This mega mall in Dubai is home to over 1000 retailers, an aquarium and underwater zoo, an ice rink, and a theme park. Last year more than 80 million people visited. No biggie.

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