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A Giant Inflatable Fun Park Is Popping Up In Melbourne This Summer

A Giant Inflatable Fun Park Is Popping Up In Melbourne This Summer

I don’t care how old you are, inflatable things are just always a lot of fun. Don’t deny it, I won’t believe you. The only problem is, that after a certain age all the parents start getting annoyed at you if you jump in the castle with the children, and so we stop.

Except, that is, when a giant inflatable theme park meant for adults just as much as kids rolls into town.

That joy is coming to Melbourne’s Dandenong South (again) from Saturday, December 19, 2020 until Sunday, January 31.

For a mere $32 per day, you and your mates can enjoy a dip in the giant inflatable pool, roll down the inflatable water slides, inflatable trampolines, an inflatable water obstacle course like you used to be able to play on after swimming lessons and an inflatable climbing wall.

Personally, that’s enough to have me lining up, but then add the huge inflatable maze, a silent disco (that I assume has something to do with inflatables), a mini golf course and paddle boats — mate, you’re laughing.

Seems about right to bounce the pain of 2020 away, if you ask me. Maybe it’ll even help take away the sting of that overseas summer break you didn’t get to take.

Tickets are on sale now from the website, and you can find out all the other details right here. Happy bouncing!

(Lead Image: Instagram / @inflatablefunpark)

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