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You Can Now Rent Richard Branson’s Caribbean Island Home For A Cheeky $32K A Night

You Can Now Rent Richard Branson’s Caribbean Island Home For A Cheeky $32K A Night

The Branson Estate on Moskito Island

If you want a taste of billionaire living but sadly, aren’t a billionaire, then old mate Branson’s private island could hit the spot. He’s giving you the opportunity to experience the good life by listing his Moskito Island home for rent. Grab some mates, you’re headed to the British Virgin Islands.

Virgin Group founder Sir Richard Branson has opened his second private island to the public for the very first time. Located in the Caribbean, just three kilometres away from Branson’s other well-known slice of paradise, Necker Island, you’ll find glorious Moskito Island.

The Branson Estate on Moskito Island
The Mangrove Villa, inspired by Branson’s son.

While the rental price for The Branson Estate in low season is still a steep total of AU$32,000 (US$25,000) per night, to live like SRB you’ll only need to be moderately wealthy, or have steadfastly saved your pretty pennies for the experience.

You see, Branson’s private island estate sleeps a total of 22 guests in 11 bedrooms across three villas, which works out to roughly $1,460 per person, per night.

If you’re wanting to stay outside of low season (June to September) though, then you’re looking at a whopping AU$43,000 (US$33,000) per night, and an eye-watering AU$48,000 (US$36,600) per night for the peak holiday season. Ouch.

The Branson Estate on Moskito Island
The Beach Villa, inspired by Branson’s daughter.

However these prices don’t just cover the accommodation, if that makes it any better. A stay at Moskito Island includes staff and all amenities, meaning all meals are prepared by an in-house chef, and drinks are included. You’ll also have a Virgin Limited shuttle boat at your disposal, while enjoying the island’s pristine white sands and turquoise waters.

At the property, there’s an assortment of pools (infinity and otherwise), as well as hot tubs, indoor and outdoor bathtubs, serviced bars, dining pavilions, sundecks, daybeds, and a crazy amount of lounges, tennis courts, mountain bikes, a whole water sports centre – think stand-up paddleboards, kayaks, snorkelling, surfing, etc – and of course, a gym.

The Branson Estate on Moskito Island
One area in the Great Room in Headland House.

Moskito Island is said to be a hotspot for kitesurfing, and considering you’ll probably only ever wind up here with family or friends, it’s good to know the team can organise group sports and workouts so you don’t drive each other crazy. They’ll even sort out a surf excursion or beach Olympics, whatever you desire.

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Unlike many uber-exclusive properties, kids are actually welcome to The Branson Estate. The team can make special arrangements for your kids including tailored meals and activities, and babysitting is available on request so mummy and daddy can get lit.

Learn more about this Moskito Island paradise at And if peeping celeb holiday casas is your thing, then check out David Bowie’s Caribbean holiday home.

(All images via Virgin Limited Edition, Moskito Island)

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