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5 Queensland Islands You Don’t Have To Be Rich Or Famous To Hire Exclusively

5 Queensland Islands You Don’t Have To Be Rich Or Famous To Hire Exclusively

The term ‘private island’ seems like one that’s relegated to the rich and famous people of the world. I’m not here to tell you that’s not true when it comes to owning one for yourself, but hiring a whole tropical island for just you and yours is actually surprisingly achievable for we Average Joes — at least, it is in Queensland.

I’m not even kidding, you and a bunch of mates can hire an entire island to yourselves starting from just $80 a person, per night. I’ve had meals that cost more than that.

For under $200 a head:

#1 Pumpkin Island


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If you have an important event coming up — a big birthday, or a wedding perhaps — Pumpkin Island could be the unforgettable backdrop you’re looking for.

Absolutely no-one would blame you for simply relaxing by the beach the whole time, but if you’re in the mood you can also level up with snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, glass bottom kayaking, SUP boarding, jet ski tours and more. It’s all eco-certified as well.

You can have up to 34 people on the island at any one time, which makes the $2,730 per night price tag a very do-able $80 per person.

Details here.

#2 Camp Island


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Dreaming of a beach bungalow escape? Surely we all are at this point in a crazy year, right? Well, Camp Island delivers. Located in the northern Whitsundays and surrounded by the world heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef — it’s safe to assume your views will be on point.

It has all the non-powered water sports you could want, as well as a range of chartered and custom experiences you can arrange to top of your stay.

You can hire the island for up to eight people at a time, which brings the $1,500 per night rental price down to $187 per person.

Details here.

If you’re feeling a little extra:

 #3 Makepeace Island


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You may have heard of this one, as it’s partly owned by Richard Branson, who yes, is rich and famous. Makepeace Island is mere minutes away from Noosa by boat, and yes it has all the white sand you’re picturing.

The accomodation here is beautiful, and really reminds me of Bali with carved wooden furniture and breezy designs. There are three luxe villas plus more rooms in their Island House and Boathouse.

You can hire the island for up to eight guests for $10,000, which makes it $1,250 per person. You can invite up to 20 people, but it’ll cost you an extra $500 for every guest over eight people.

Details here.

#4 Orpheus Island

Have yourself a big group of family and friends looking for a private holiday together? This luxurious private island in the middle of the Great Barrier Reef could be your answer.

To rent the island for you and 27 of your crew, it’ll set you back $25,000 a night and you have to rent it for a minimum of three nights. However, this does include all your meals, drinks and an on-island chef, plus a daily island experience of your choice.

If you do have a full 28 people, that works out to be $925 per person per night, which is not insane considering how inclusive it is.

Details here.

#5 Haggerstone Island


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OMG, would you get a load of these villas? I absolutely already know that I’d be ‘that’ person on my family holiday making everyone take ‘Gram shots of me, for me. That’s before you even get outside to the white sand beach and natural beauty.

Again, there’s heaps to keep yourself entertained if you want more than chill time, including snorkelling and kiteboarding. Personally I’d go all out and book a chartered helicopter tour.

You can hire the island for up to 12 people at around $7,000 a night for a minimum four nights, which works out to be $636 per person if you bring the max amount of peeps with you.

Details here.

(Lead Image: Provided / Tourism and Events Queensland)

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