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Could You Get Through This Creepy New Sydney Theatre Experience?

Could You Get Through This Creepy New Sydney Theatre Experience?

Editor’s note: A Midnight Visit will offer a Halloween Special on the evening of 31 October including new characters, added dance and music, as well as a soothsayer, “an evil clown, lunatics, ghosts and the undead”. Check it out for an added spin to the immersive theatre experience.

You know those evenings where you’re not sure if you want to go for a drink with a friend, or thrust yourself into a macabre twilight zone filled with homunculi and cursed paintings? Don’t worry, now you can do both! A Midnight Visit is a new and expansive production set in a deftly transformed warehouse in Sydney’s Newtown.


This immersive theatre experience, heavily inspired by the works and life of renowned creepy poet Edgar Allen Poe, is pure escapism on every level (or nightmare fuel, your mileage may vary).

Audiences (or should we say “active participants”?) can expect to enter part sound-world, part film set, part dream and see wholly diverting performances throughout it all.

As with the now-cult New York interactive theatre show, Sleep No Moreaudiences at A Midnight Visit will have not only different experiences from their fellow patrons, but can also choose different adventures on a second viewing.

The show is by turns funny, spookily sexy (what is it about those evil nurses) and at times unnerving. Whether you walk out shivering in fear or laughing nervously, fans of Stranger Things, escape rooms, and general horror nerds are going to be satisfied.


Upon entering the multilevel 3500m2 space it’s clear how much care and attention has gone into all aspects of the production, from sound to costuming to set. It took more than 150 artists, technicians and partners five months to build the show. Those nooses aren’t going to hang themselves.

The juggernaut creative team of Danielle Harvey and Kristen Siddle at Broad Encounters Productions and Simon Hayward of Groundswell Productions have created the experience. The team has also collaborated with Studio Neon, a renowned bespoke food experience creator on The Raven’s Rest, an on-site pop-up bar, and things are looking pretty spooky.


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A Midnight Visit launches on Wednesday October 3, with a limited run until Wednesday December 19, after which the warehouse will be demolished for redevelopment (#Sydney).


Get amongst it quickly folks, for tickets and further information head the website for A Midnight Visit.

(Lead image: Anna Kucera)

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