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5 Destinations For The Obsessive Cat Lover In Your Life

5 Destinations For The Obsessive Cat Lover In Your Life

They say there’s two types of people – dog lovers and cat lovers. If you’re a cat lover, you’ve probably long wondered how to incorporate more cats into your holiday making – maybe you’ve even contemplated bringing along your furry companion just so you wouldn’t miss them too much? Hey, we’ve all been there.

If it’s the furry felines that make your heart flutter, then you’re probably pretty happy to go out of your way to spend some extra special time with these aloof but super cute creatures.

Here’s our list of five extra special outings across the world that will satisfy any cat lover.

#1 A museum dedicated to internet cats


As it’s true that cats rule the internet these days, it seems only fitting that we commemorate these spunky creatures with the admiration and affection they deserve. The Museum of the Moving Image in New York City has recently unveiled an exhibition titled ‘How Cats Took Over The Internet’ that examines the history of cats online. Iconic videos, celebrity cats, lolcats and other internet phenomena are celebrated and theoretically discussed in concepts like ‘the aesthetics of cuteness’, ‘the Bored at Work network’ and the rise of user-generated content. Spend your afternoon in critical thought at the marvellous and glib phenomena of internet cats.

#2 An island overrun by cats

(Photo: Rahen Z/Flickr)

If it’s ever been your dream to grow old and be surrounded by hundreds of cats, this island off the coast of Japan could be for you. While only 22 humans inhabit Aoshima in the Miyazaki Prefecture, more than 120 cats have taken over the relatively small fishing village and now currently outnumber humans 6 to 1. The cats were initially introduced to ward off mice that plagued the fishing boats, but now have multiplied so ferociously that they have overrun the small town. Though the cats do bring some tourists to the no-so-hospitable island, the cats are a bit of a hinderance to the elderly residents as they’re often found digging up gardens and being a general nuisance around town.

#3 Cat cafes around the globe

(Photo: William Hu/Flickr)

Sipping a cup of tea while a stuffy Burmese rubs his butt against your face is just one of those experiences you have to try at least once in your life. Cat cafes are becoming more and more popular since their birth in Taiwan, China and Tokyo years ago, with Australia recently jumping on the cat cafe bandwagon. There’s even a space-themed cat cafe in Sydney. What more could you ask for?

#4 Festival of cats in Belgium

(Photo: Geert Schneider/Flickr)

This gets a little dark, but please stay with us. A Festival of the Cats takes place annually in May in the Belgian town of Ypres and originally commemorated the ancient Middle Ages tradition of throwing cats from the belfry to the town square below. But don’t worry! They now throw toy cats down from the tower towards willing plush-toy catchers. Legend says that once upon a time cats were connected to witchcraft, hence the killing of cats meant the killing of evil spirits. These days the Kattenstoet Festival sees townspeople dress up as cats, witches and mice with cat floats parading through the city celebrating our furry feline friends.

#5 Hemingway’s cats in Florida

hemingway cat
(Photo: Hemingway Home)

Legendary writer Ernest Hemingway was once given a polydactyl (six-toed) cat by a ship captain which he named Snow White. He lived with Snow White at his home in Florida until 1940 and continued to visit the property and his cat until his death in 1961. Nowadays the Ernest Hemingway Home & Museum is home to over 40 cats, and all are thought to have been decedent from Snow White due to their polydactyl toes. You can now visit the home in Florida’s Key West and check out the flock of cats roaming the grounds there. Hemingway had a thing for naming all his cats after famous people and the owners of the museum have continued that tradition today.

(Lead image: Chantelle/Flickr)

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