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Two Intrepid Cats Keep Trying To Break Into A Museum In Japan

Two Intrepid Cats Keep Trying To Break Into A Museum In Japan

Cats being escorted from the Onomichi Museum of Art by museum security.

Now we love a museum. But two dedicated souls in Japan have been routinely denied access to the learning and lore of the Onomichi Museum of Art for more than two years, despite trying constantly. And all just because they’re cats.


Since 2016 the museum guards have spent considerable time preventing the cats from entering the museum (between pats and ear scratches). The saga has been told through the museum’s social channels, which keeps track of orange cat Gosaku and black cat Ken-Chan’s entry attempts.

The story was originally reported on SoraNews24, saying the cats initially became interested in the museum during an exhibition of cat photography by Mitsuaki Iwago.

While it may not be the best use of the security guards’ time, the museum, which is located in Onomichi, Hiroshima Prefecture, has adopted the cats as sort of unofficial mascots, even incorporating them into the souvenirs available in the gift shop.


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(Lead image: Onomichi Museum of Art / Twitter)

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