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Wish You Were Here: The Gainsborough Bath Spa, England

Wish You Were Here: The Gainsborough Bath Spa, England

A luxurious heated spa bath steeped in urban legend? Where can I sign up?

Check out the Gainsborough Bath Spa in Britain’s ancient city of Bath – a hotel built around the infamous hot springs that offers sheer indulgence and upper-class luxury.


Legend has it that Prince Bladud, father of Shakespeare’s King Lear, was afflicted with leprosy the prince was banished from his kingdom forced to live in exile. Bladud stumbled upon a muddy spring to sooth his inflmaed skin and soon enough, was miraculously cured of all his ailing afflictions. Returning to his kingdom joyous and healed, the price founded the city of Bath where it soon became a hotspot for Roman social bathing.


There are more than 20 treatments on offer around the circuit of thermal pools that will surely leave you well rested, fresh and spotlessly clean. Choose a personal blend of aromatheramy oils from the Aroma Bar and select your treatment – you can try the eucalyptus steamroom, the hot saunas, the ice alcove and of course the warm, mineral-charged waters. Ooh la la.


Rooms cost around £228 ($481 AUD) per night, and the luxurious spa is open from 7am to 10pm for extended hours soaking.

(Images: Gainsborough Bath Spa)

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